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About FMM

As President of the Federation of Municipalities of Madrid it is an honor for me to present this web page on, Digital Democracy Network. This Network, of which the FMM is running as a leader, aims to generate content that is aimed at our political leaders and our citizens, with the aim of improving the democratic processes of participation of our citizens in the global world consisting of the Internet and its networks. social, as well as implement new participation processes, as well as train our leaders in the correct use of the internet and their social networks, in order to optimize their use.

The Federation of Municipalities of Madrid (FMM) is a non for profit organisation that represents all the 179 municipalities of the Madrid Region. The Region has approx. 6,6 million people, and the FMM connects the beforementioned 179 local authorities together with their a wide range of regional stakeholders, such as SMEs, Universities, cultural centers, etc.

FMM's main activity consists of defending interests of its members. It also offers training courses and programmes for the municipal staff, it implements projects aimed at improving the management of municipalities. FMM produces publications, as well as hosts conferences, courses, seminars and exhibitions related to topics of regional and European interest. FMM is currently managing a Training Plan aimed at over 6.000 municipal staff. It also managed Social Guarantee Programmes, Training and Employment intiatives (EFS). The actual impact of these actions is significant, as the participation of associated members is raising.

I hope that during these two years we will fulfill the objectives that we set ourselves, and we will faithfully fulfill the commitments made with our citizens and the organizations and entities that we represent. In turn, I also hope that this page, as a resource of the Network, will be used in the future beyond these two years, to give continuity to the policies of citizen participation and other actions that may derive from them, as well as to any other type of collaboration and actions that are aimed at improving our coexistence, within the common European framework.


 You can access to FMM here


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Guillermo Hita Téllez

President of FMM

Mayor of Arganda del Rey municipality

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